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Another eBay find

So I found an original owner's manual for the BF-generation Mazda 323 on eBay! £5.48 with shipping. I'm quite happy with that.

I bought it because of poor impulse control I wanted to find out what one of my warning lights meant; it's the light that looks like a headlight, but it has the word "STOP" written underneath it. Turns out that the manual doesn't explain that. Oh well, this is a nice addition to the glovebox anyway. I do like its minimalist cover design very much. :)

(Edit: a BF-owning friend informs me that this is the warning light for a brake light not working. That makes sense. After all, with my exciting "no alternator belt" episode, it's likely that the brake lights weren't working...)

Lockdown is awful, but on the upside, it is giving me a chance to do all those jobs I haven't had time to do otherwise. Several of those jobs are to sort out all the minor electrical problems, figuring out the intermittent starting fault, sorting out the horn, fixing the sticky centre-diff lock switch. Let's get started!

Just kidding, I didn't get any of those done today. But I did buy a cool steering wheel! 🎉

Driftworks Basics deep-dish steering wheel.

This is a Driftworks Basics 350mm leather steering wheel. It costs a mere £55 as I write this _(2021 update: It's now £80, which I still think is very cheap). You'll need a boss to adapt it to your steering column, which costs somewhat more. This MOMO one works fine for my GTX. I had to do some minor modifications to the horn push (trimming off some protruding plastic) to make it fit into the boss. At half the price of an equivalent Sparco or OMP wheel: I'll live.

Driftworks are willing to put their name on this wheel, so I expected it to be good. It is. It feels nice, it feels solid, and the deep dish is comforting and looks cool. This is a bargain, especially as this costs just a few more quid (in absolute terms) than dangerous tat.

Here's my old steering wheel:

My old steering wheel, looking a little tired and missing the horn push.

It doesn't actually have to look quite this bad. I have the original horn push. But the horn push is missing its badge, and I am unlikely to find another one. Also, the horn push once had the hilarious habit of randomly sounding the horn, usually at 3am, and I'm not sure I will ever trust it again.

This looks way cooler, especially with one of the free Driftworks stickers they threw in, and the simple design and deep dish doesn't look at all out of place with the 80s interior:

Driftworks leather steering wheel in Mazda 323 GTX interior

I know I know, the rest of the interior looks like a dump. It'll continue to look like a dump until I'm mostly done with the rest of the car; there's not a huge amount of point cleaning up in there until I know I'm not going to be in and out of it for any reasons other than driving it.