Some angle grinder wall brackets

I now have a workshop.

Which is to say I've been busy.

Inside that workshop, lives the 2.5-metre-long home-made mother of all steel workbenches.

And on that 2.5-metre-long home-made mother of all steel workbenches that lives inside the workshop are these angle grinder brackets.

I use angle grinders all the time, often enough that I always want one immediately to hand. But I don't like them being on workbenches permanently taking up space, because that space could be better used for things I am working on. What I really needed was some neat solution to hang them on a wall, or in this case the steel upstand of the 2.5-metre-long home-made mother of all steel workbenches.

I could have bought some brackets for a few quid from Amazon, but I had some 1mm galvanised steel. which was free because it was being thrown away.

I also had angle grinders to make it with, obviously, because that is what I wanted to hang on the brackets. Stuff I already had was even cheaper than a few quid. But, more importantly, making it myself meant I could have it that day, rather than at 6pm the next.

Anyway, that means I've worked out the dimensions so you don't have to! Which brings me to the point of this post. If you need one yourself, or two, or four of these crude angle grinder brackets for yourself, you can use my handy instructions below and make some of your own. You can click through to the larger image if you want to print it out.

It is optimised for being made in a hurry by someone sloppy (that's me); there are generous tolerances in several places to allow for errors.

I chose 55mm for the height, because the galvanised steel strips that were kicking around at the moment I had the idea were 110mm in width, and that meant I could fit two onto a single strip. You can modify the design to make them taller if you like, but with 1mm steel I wouldn't make them much shallower.