They're here

The "ouch, that's money I didn't really have" K-Sport suspension is, finally, here. I expected it to take a while; these are made to order in Taiwan, and then are shipped to the UK on an actual ship, and I am okay with that.

First impression: Crikey, these things are heavy.

Second impression, after getting them out of the box: Crikey, these things are actually really heavy. The size of these things!!

Yeah, maybe I should have had something more universal than my hand for scale; just trust me that these are beefy. They're so over-engineered that if I didn't know better I'd have guessed that they came from a Toyota factory. I'm actually a tiny bit worried that I might get some clearance problems. We'll see; I'll get them fitted this weekend, and if all goes well I'll spend a week with them and write a proper review of them.