Amy goes to her first car meet!

The only positive side effect of my Facebook account reactivating itself (it is now scheduled for permanent deletion, since Facebook won't play nice) is that I got to find out about a car meet on Saturday with Only Fools & Motors over at the Coach & Horses at Tilney All Saints on Saturday. It seems that this would be the last event of the year, and not just because of that thing that is going to forbid gatherings of more than six people. And so everyone's (my) favourite sleeper Mazda 323 got to have her first outing!

So, before my car returned to the road at the start of August, I had not even left my village since lockdown started. With the car done, I did get to go further away, but this meet was the first time I have socialised and mingled and generally been around a non-trivial number of people, and it felt good.

It was a nice way to burn about three hours. I didn't expect that at any car meet my 1987 Mazda would be about the median age of vehicles in any particular place, but that happened - the variety of cars was huge! And I met some old friends (there were more than a few drift friends there) and I got to make some new ones too.

Photo by Ali Dodd, capturing me and the world's ugliest Mazda 323 on our way out. Thanks Ali!

So while I did mention the "rule of six" in passing...I don't want to do politics here. But the government's message is very clear. No more than six people, unless you are going back to the office so you can pay your taxes. Or unless it's sending kids back to school, so that you can go back to your day job and pay your taxes. But don't even think of doing something you might enjoy doing. Fun is non-essential, casual social contact and engagement with people and friendship is a risk. It's not like social isolation kills people or anything; go back to being a good tax crop.